Interior designer and owner of Oniroco, Irene Kyriacou's eclectic style is a blend of diverse cultures reminiscent of her travels around the world.

“I believe style is about seeing with all our senses,” says Irene. “When I style a room or decorate a house, I draw from everything around me – the colour of the sea or the smell of the wood and the feel of a stone. Design is about creating a feeling - it is all about textures and senses that come together to make something beautiful.”


Irene considers herself to be a conservative designer, however, she has a voice in her head that encourages her to push the boundaries. The result is always something special and unique – her work is never conservative, but always refined and immaculate.

Irene describes her style as a mix of different things. “I never want to walk into a room and know it all came from the same place – everything must be unique.” This philosophy is beautifully portrayed in the styling of Marble Restaurant, where Irene chose the bleached white wood and clean lines of Scandanavian designed chairs to juxtapose with the heavy imbuia African tables.


Irene throws herself in to the world of her client, and in doing this she has accumulated a loyal clientele and a booming word-of-mouth business. “You have to know who lives here,” says Irene, paging through the personal photos of a prospective client. I want to know what your favourite things are and what is important to you. I let my clients lead me – I don’t take over, I teach them to tie things together and make beautiful spaces. I don’t want to leave them with a house that is not theirs. My clients should never be intimidated by me.”


Irene has been in the industry since 2004 and has built her reputation on her fine eye for detail, something evident in her latest retail projects, however some of Irene's other favourite projects include corporates and bedrooms.

“I love Corporate Projects because they are personal spaces that are often forgotten. Ultimately people “live” in their offices.” Irene incorporates more relaxed areas such as lounges and armchairs. She also ensures there are personal touches like plants and decorative smalls – vases and candles, clocks and other objects of beauty. However, Irene never loses site of the target audience and is always mindful of what the space needs.

“Whereas, bedrooms are my favourite rooms, says Irene.” She believes bedrooms are a sanctuary and must always be a place of solace and escape. “My bedroom is my happy place,” says Irene. “When things are hectic, I know there is a perfect space waiting for me.”

Irene may have immaculate style and a brilliant eye for detail, but it is her passion and dedication to creating a perfect space for her client that ensures her success.


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